Does DOWA sell UVA-LED from 365nm to 405nm?
we currently focus on AlGaN LED (Wavelength under 350nm).
We don't sell InGaN UV-LED (Wavelength from 365nm to 405nm)
Which wavelength does DOWA recommend for disinfectant application?
We recommend 265nm and 280nm for disinfectant application.
Generally speaking, 263nm is peak absorption wavelength of DNA and this wavelength is most efficient for disinfection. 265nm, however, it has less optical emission efficiency that 285nm . Then DOWA provides 265nm and 280nm products for your preference.
Does DOWA sell 254nm LED?
254nm is one of emission line s of mercury lamp, which is physically determined . On the other hand, LED can provide any specific wavelength so we can supply more effective and efficient wavelength (265nm and 280nm) for disinfectant applications.
Where do I get DOWA's UV-LED? How long does it take from order to delivery ?
We have inventory of main products in our warehouse. For more detail information, please contact us.
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